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Δρομείς Ελπίδας - Hoperunners


We participate in running races, we "run" the children, we cover distances with the special wheelchair, the joellete, reaching the finish line, we share feelings of joy, seeing the eyes of our "pilots" shine.

We are Parents, we are Runners, we are a team, we are friends, we are ordinary people with a common vision, to see children smile. Everyone has the opportunity to cross the finish line with the children and give joy, smile, strength, love and optimism. Everyone has the opportunity through the Hope Runners to offer, to run, to become a "cylinder" of love. Everyone has the opportunity to support the right to any positive expression of life, to communicate with children and to "show" them that there are no limits to their joy and smile.

So seize the opportunity, to load the children with smiles, to be their next good "fight", to participate in one of their next happy moments,

Hope Runners team
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